Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stratasys down $24 in 3 Weeks...now what?

Stratasys (SSYS) has traded down off it's all time (18 year) high 19 days ago at $92 to $68.

Now What?

Well I personally think the stock is fundamentally overvalued and I really can't see anyone buying stock until the December 31,2012 financials are reported on approx. March 4th and listen to the conference call.

The cash flow statement is very weak. The balance sheet is strong so I don't think the stock is going down forever.
I am concerned that the owners of OBJET will have their (15 plus million) shares being registered sometime this year, (next quarter?).

here is a technical chart from Greg Harmon of DragonFly. Harmon has nailed the stock time and time again like he does with so much of his work. To See a technical chart by Greg Harmon of DragonFly Capital,  click here

here is a NYTIMES BLOG from this weekend and a MorningStar report that is scary.

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