Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Free Cash Flow Investing

Markowski August Call Simply Amazing!

On August 25th when the Standard & Poors 500 Index traded at a year to date low of 1867 there was panic on the street. The Index had just fallen from a near year to date high on July 21st  at 2127 and was down 12.2% in a month. 

Michael Markowski published this article on Equities.com:
Major U.S. Indices Will Go to All-Time Highs in 2016: Current Correction Underway will be Short-Lived 

Company      (TICKER)   August 25     October 26     Return
SP500           Index            1867.61           2071.18           11%
Facebook      FB                  $83.00            $103.77          25%
Google          GOOG           $582.06           $712.78          22%
Amazon        AMZN            $466.37           $608.61          30%
LinkedIN       LNKD             $169.94          $210.89           24%
Priceline       PCLN             $1178.81        $1416.32         20%
Disney           DIS                $95.89            $113.52           18%
NetFlix           NFLX            $101.52           $103.04           1.5%

Long Pick Starbucks New All Time High $63.43

Equities Research Newsletter Long Pick Starbucks @ $12.67 (adjusted for dividends and splits) on September 21,2007 has gained 400% vs. 35% for the Standard & Poors 500 Index over the same 8 year period.

Starbucks Up 65% since Cramer Reiterated his StarBucks Buy in Aug 2014 @ $38.48 vs 4.3% gain on S&P500 Index 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Long Pick Hershey Up 8% in 4 months in Down Market

July 1, 2015 Equities Research pick Hershey (NYSE: HSY $95.28) is up $7 for an 8% gain (adjusted for dividend).
Over the same 15 week period , The Dow Jones Industrial Average has loss 2.3% falling from 17,819 to 17,215 (604 points lower), while the S&P 500 Index has loss 30 points declining from 2063 to 2033, a -1.5% drop.

Daily and weekly charts with Fibs.
Courtesy of MetaStock Xenith

Richard Suttmeier
CEO / Founder
Global Market Consultants, Ltd.
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Morningstar Assigns “A+” Credit Rating to Hershey

Hershey will report FY2015 Q3 financials pre market on 

Wednesday October 28,2015.

The Hershey Company (HSY) Trade Card™ from Capital Market Laboratories 

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Monday, October 5, 2015

RateWatch was Acquired by TheStreet in 2007 for $25 Million

This Weekend Business Insider Article:
 Online lending is 'disruptive and could be very large' - that has the Fed worried

 Rate Watch can explode through servicing the DISRUPTIVE online lending business! 

If you break down the current value of the TheStreet (TST) $1.65  (6.2% dividend), you will find the underlying business is valued at $23 million.

Current Market Capitalization: $57 million
Cash: $34 million

Total Underlying Business : $23 million
Stock is valued at 1/3rd Sales

The Deal :

  • 2012 acquired for $5.8 million (cash). $11.5 million in sales. paid 1/2 Sales

  • 2014 acquired for $21 million (cash). $9.5 million in sales. paid 2X sales
Rate Watch
  • 2007 "$25 million, consisting of approximately $16.9 million in cash (net of $3.9 million in debt repayment) and 636,081 shares of unregistered common stock of TheStreet.com." from TheStreet press release 2007
  • founded 1996

This Weekend Business Insider Article: 

Online lending is 'disruptive and could be very large' - that has the Fed worried

I believe Rate Watch can explode through servicing the DISRUPTIVE online lending business! 

Henry Blodget: Axel Springer is smart about digital

"Digital Media is where the Cable Network was in the late 80s , early 90s. Since 1981 , CNN has become a global powerhouse. " --- Henry Blodget

Friday, October 2, 2015

TheStreet Is for the Individual Investor Who Invests Like an Investment Banker and Venture Capitalist

Smart Businessmen (woman) are smart Investors because they invest like businessmen (women).. You buy the businesses for the long term, you don't trade tickers.

 Individual Investors who have an Investment Banking Mentality and a Venture Capitalist Vision can own TheStreet (NASDAQ: TST) for less than a $60 million Market Cap. 

 Company sits with $31million in cash and generates $5 million a month in sales.
 TheStreet is a pioneer in the Online Financial Sector and is a leading digital media company that :

  • trades publicly
  •   6.2% yield 
  • with the stock selling for a near 52 week low under $1.65. 
  •  The franchise value alone along with the brand media content and distribution it will continue to grow market share. 
  •  Recently Henry Blodget's Business Insider sold for 6 times fwd sales @ $422 million.)
  •  THeStreet at 6 times $60 million sales would equate to 600% return on your investment. 
  • B. Riley has a Price Target of $4.00 per share
  •  If the street was valued at $100 million it would be a near $3 price. With high dividend the bottom may have formed here in the stock.
  • Where else will you get 6% on your money