Friday, February 15, 2013

Citron Research Raises Red Flag on 3-D Printing

Stratasys (SSYS) shares are trading below $70 a share this morning. Stratasys is down $18 since Equities Research Warning in January.
 (click here to view Citron Research's Published article yesterday regarding the 3-D space)

Readers of my column and newsletter subscribers are aware that Equities Research Warned on Stratasys in January @ $87 a share.
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  • The company hasn't filed a financial statement since November and postponed their February report to approx March 4th.
    Its too Opaque to buy this stock. They gave no guidance at the Needham conference.

    Need to see Numbers. even the March report will only be numbers through Dec 31, meanwhile 1st quarter will almost be over on March 4.

    There's approx 38 million shares out. Times $72 = approx $2.7 billion mkt cap.

    if this company was trading at a forward PE of 27 they would have to have 2013 net income of $100 million. I don't see it.

    At a fwd PE of 54 for 2013 they would have to have 2013 net income of $50million...i don't see it.

    Reality is ....all we know is htat for the first 9months of 2012 they generated $2 million in operational cash flow.

    $2 million...with a "M".....-----



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