Thursday, May 31, 2018

Titan Machinery USA Revenue Fall from $227 Million to $204 Million in 1st Quarter

Time to Short the Most OverPriced Stock in the Market

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Time to Short the Most OverPriced Stock in the Market

Titan Machinery has the fundamentals of a PennyStock but trades above $19 a share on NASDAQ.
Insiders Continue to Sell and Officers are getting paid bonuses while the company lays off hundreds of employees in the United States and close nearly 20% of their stores in America.
Company has spent the last years LIQUIDATING INVENTORY at AUCTIONS to generate enough cash to pay themselves and to afford to reward their co-founder and former president a handsome Severance Package after he abruptly resigned.
The Insiders have an equity interest in several outside entities that are being paid via lease agreements with properties that they own.
A CNBC Personality with a huge following who is from the state of Minnesota coincidently appears on twitter with bullish options calls touts on this thinly traded micro-stock that will send stock into a spike higher.
TheStreet website has another guru who also appears to have a crystal ball when predicting this stock's bullish moves is also helpful.
SEC Division of Corporate Finance has made some appearances in TITAN's disclosure filing requesting more transparency from time to time but the SEC and NASDAQ stock trading investigators never seem to take a look at the trading.

SEEKING ALPHA Writer Doesn't See Anything Criminal at Titan Machinery