Sunday, March 29, 2015

Suttmeier's Gold Warning at Top is Legendary

Followers of Equities Research may remember this February 2012 post highlighting Richard Suttmeier's Warning on Gold @ $1781.  Since the warning, the GCM5 futures have declined $583, closing the week @ $1198 (33% lower).
GCM5 chart since the February 24,2012 warning through this week's close. (

Friday, February 10, 2012

GOLD: Suttmeier's Morning Call is a Must Read

Suttmeier:  "We did have a bubble in gold, the bubble popped and we're now trying to reflate," says Richard Suttmeier of in the attached clip. He says that the recent upward trend isn't as much a return to gold's past glories but rather a bounce to be sold. For Suttmeier the end of gold's rally is neigh." from Yahoo! interview with Jeff Macke

If you're invested in GOLD, I recommend that you listen to Richard Suttmeier every morning, noon and night

From February 24,2012 Suttmeier wrote
  • "Gold reached a year to date high at $1789.5 closing in on my monthly risky level at $1816.4. If gold fails, the next decline below $1700 will
    likely cause a 50-day / 200-day SMA “death cross” as these moving averages are converged at $1669.5 and $1663.5"

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