Thursday, January 28, 2016

Under Armour FY2015 Earnings Sends Stock Flying Up $15

Under Armour (NYSE: UA : $83.58 ) 2:06pm est.

Market Capitalization has increased by $3.3 Billion today to $19 Billion!

Shares of Under Armour are up 22% today on volume of 14 million.
The stock was down 15% year to date ($80.61 on December 31st close) as of yesterday's close @ $68.58.
As of 2pm this afternoon, the stock is up 3.6% year to date.

On September 17,2015 the stock hit an all time high of $105.89. and is off 21% over the past 4 months.

Operational Cash flow for the 4th quarter came in at $270 million up 35% compared to Operational Cash flow in the Fy2014 4th quarter of $199 million.

There is one Number that investors should be slightly concerned with though, 8k

Operational Cash Flow for FY2015 was NEGATIVE $44 Million!
Operational Cash Flow FY2014 of Positive $219 Million.

Year over Year Operational Cash Flow declined by $263 Million

Operational Cash Flow
FY2010: $50 million
FY2011: $15 million
Fy2012: $200million
FY2013: $120 million
FY2014: $219 million

FY2015: NEGATIVE ($44 Million)

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