Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sticky Finger Legend Frank Malta To Be Inducted in Union County Softball Hall of Fame!

the Pride of Peterstown #7
Congratulations to Frank Malta of Sticky Fingers who was informed this week from the Union County Athletic Association that he will be INDUCTED into the Softball Hall of Fame on Friday November 8, 2019 at Kenilworth VFW. 33 S. 21st St. Kenilworth.
Frankie Malta
 The Mickey Mantle of the Burg!!!
Frank has always been in the Peterstown Hall of Fame as a great athlete but also as a Great Guy!
On November 8th he will be inducted as a  member of the Union County Softball Hall of Fame and will join Sticky Finger pitcher Harry Streep who was inducted (in 2013).
7:30pm this Saturday night July 27,2019 at St Vito's feast on Fourth Ave in Elizabeth we will honor Frank. (click here)

Clippings from A 1995 Article in the Star Ledger 

Peterstown Paper August 2013 download here.
Peterstown Paper Oct. 2013 downloaded here.

Sticky Fingers Photos After Frank retired through 1992

I grew up in the burg and loved baseball, softball, family, friends and most of all Sticky Fingers. My big brother Peter started taking me to see my cousins Rusty and Frankie (married to my cousin Linda) play softball at O'Brien field since 1970 when I just 5 years old. All the best friends I ever made in my life were made at the playground. 
   We were all bat boys, scorekeepers, shagged fly balls, ran to store for drinks and just hung out and played run-in basses and stick ball and gutter ball. We all wanted to be like Frank and the Fingers! Anthony Colletti, Sal DeMaio, Mike Camicia, Nicky and Rich Pantina, Carmine Mazza, Sal Pichirello, Johnny and Vito Palmisano, David Higgins, Joe Sacco, Johnny Sacca, Anthony Candelino, Mario DiGiorgio, Danny and Joey Clemente, Patsy D'anna, Rocco Melchionne, Mikey LoBrace, Angelo Mike Russo, Joe Busichio, Joe Bruno Joey Venturini, Billy and Louis Mellilo, Tommy Triolo, Tommy Goodman, Pete Artega, Buddy Longo, Mike Anthony and Buzz Longo, Jimmy DiSalvo, Nicky Netta, Phil mike and Tommy Colicchio, and so many other friendships all started at the playground watching Sticky Fingers when we were all under 10 years old and still remain connected 50 years later.

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