Wednesday, November 11, 2015

More Insider Buying at TheStreet Moves stock Up 14% in 5 days

Since Wednesday of last Week TheStreet (TST) has moved up 14% closing at $1.64 up from a $1.44 5 days ago. The stock has traded over 700,000 shares over this period which is well above its average weekly volume over the last 3 months of 44,000.
(Shares made a 52 week intraday low of $1.40 on Wednesday).

The company reported a 3rd Quarter Profit on Wednesday after the close and 3 directors have bought shares in the company over the last 4 days.
James Cramer added 100.000 shares to his position and new director Larry Kramer has filed two Form 4's initiating a position of 28,450 shares. A 3rd Director Stephen Zacharias initiated filed a SEC Form 4 last night initiating a position  of 35,000 shares.

Equities Research continues to Be Bullish THESTREET

TheStreet current market capitalization is $55 million.
Subtracting the $34 million cash (and marketable securities) the underlying business is valued at $21 million. 
TheStreet reported a 3rd Quarter profit last week for the period ending September 30,2015.
FY2015 the company is expected to generate $68 million in revenue up from $61 million in FY2014.

Brokerage Firm B. Riley has Buy rating on the stock with a $3.75 price target.

November 4,2015 

Alert: TheStreet Reports Q3 Profit

October 5,2015

RateWatch was Acquired by TheStreet in 2007 for $25 Million

October 2,2015 

September 29,2015 

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