Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Strong Buy TheStreet (Business Insider Acquired For $442 Million, )

TheStreet $TST NASDAQ: $1.68 ) 

We don't know fundamentals of Business Insider but we know they were acquired for SIX TIMES FWD SALES. TheStreet @ $60 million revenue times 6 would be $360 (High Teens)  million market cap. Beginning of Digital Media

TheStreet has just over 34 million shares outstanding @ $1,68 per share values the market capitalization @ $60 million

If TheStreet was valued in line with Business Insider , $442 million divided by 34 million shares would be $13 a share , 7.7 Times Higher than its current stock price
note TheStreet pays a dividend

The Street has 31 million cash

No Long term debt

Subtracting the $31 million cash from $60 million mkt cap values THeStreet underlying business @ $29 million


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