Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Insider Buying: Founder Jim Cramer Buys 100,000 Shares TheStreet (TST)

Yesterday after the close two directors of TheStreet (NASDAQ: TST $1.57 yield 5.65% ) filed a Form 4.
Founder James Cramer added 100,000 shares of TheStreet to bring his total to over 2.6 million shares.
Cramer is the host of the Mad Money television program on CNBC and is also a co host of CNBC Squawk program, a Live market news show. Cramer also is a contributor to TheStreet as a commentator and is featured on TheStreet online video programs.

Another Director Larry Kramer also filed a Form to report his $10,000 investment in TST.  Larry Kramer (a new Director to the TheStreet)  was the founder of MarketWatch, an online financial  news company similar to TheStreet that was was acquired by CBS for $519 million and is now owned by Dow Jones.  

Equities Research continues to maintain a Strong Buy on TheStreet (TST).

TheStreet current market capitalization is $55 million.
Subtracting the $34 million cash (and marketable securities) the underlying business is valued at $21 million. 
TheStreet reported a 3rd Quarter profit last week for the period ending September 30,2015.
FY2015 the company is expected to generate $68 million in revenue up from $61 million in FY2014.

Brokerage Firm B. Riley has Buy rating on the stock with a $3.75 price target.

November 4,2015 

Alert: TheStreet Reports Q3 Profit

October 5,2015

RateWatch was Acquired by TheStreet in 2007 for $25 Million

October 2,2015 

September 29,2015 

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