Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yahoo Message Board Won't Allow This Post

Every so often I read the Yahoo Finance message board on different stocks that I am following.
A handful of times over the years I have even posted my own comment under certain tickers.

A month ago I posted a comment in the message board for Titan Machinery regarding their bond disclosure and weak fundamentals and after 1 day the post was removed by the administrator.

Yesterday I added another comment to the Yahoo message under the Titan ticker and it was removed by last night. I didn't save the previous comment that I made a month ago, but I did save the comment that I posted yesterday.

April 20,2015 MY post that was removed on the yahoo message board under ticker TITN
The Definitive 14A proxy statement will be filed any day now. There you will find more disclosure than what is in the annual report.
Also Agricredit and Wells Fargo both reduced their available Floorplan lines of credit to TITN by a total of $100 million.  SO they will have less borrowing power in future.
With so much less inventory it will be harder for them to produce sales. They are already simply a reseller and are finding it nearly impossible to compete with the manufacturers CAT , DE and CNHI.
Also, don't lose track that this is just an all around horrible business.
ON $1.9 billion in sales the income from operations was $723,000.
 0.00038% operation income/total revenue) how horrible can you get?

Prior years they only paid interest on approx 50% of inventory now they pay interest on nearly 75%

the list goes on and on....the tricks wells fargo plays with the covenant amendments is out of hand. 6 amendments. 4 in last 12 months. Bondholders who sold those bonds under $70 must be fuming. Had those bondholders known that WFC was going to amend covenants after company was non-compliant they may not have sold so low.

last time i wrote a message like this it was flagged and deleted. I'll save this one and post it somewhere else just in case the yahoo police flag it again.

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