Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Favorite Blog About Finance, Economics and Public Policy

Stone Street Advisors is one of the top blogs I follow to learn about fundamental analysis. The founder of Stone Street is Jordan Terry, here is his profile summary from his twitter handle @The_Analyst .
 (Founder & MD, Stone Street Advisors LLC. L/S fundamental value & special situations research/idea generation for Hedge Funds Information@stonestreetadvisors.com)
Here is a great post he published yesterday along with a link to a 7 page report titled : 
  • P/E Ratios – You’re Doing it Wrong

    " Here, I explain why it is imperitive for traders and investors alike to understand the drivers of relative valuation ratios like P/E – free cash flow to equity, equity cost of capital, and long-term growth rate – so that comparisons between firms, across industries, and over time have context, rendering comparison and analysis far more useful than just looking at current and historical levels or averages." 

    Readers should follow Jordan Terry at twitter.




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