Friday, March 13, 2015


Titan Bond (2019) Makes NEW ALL TIME LOW this morning  @ $66.50 yield 14.88% 

Recent 8K : Board Member to Resign 

  TITAN MACHINERY (NASDAQ: TITN) warned earlier this week that the company expects to be in non compliance of the covenants in the $150 million convertible note with Wells Fargo. The company says the terms of the note require the Company to earn a minimum net income for the FY2015 period that ended as of January 31,2015.
On Monday the company stated that they expect to lose nearly $32 million for FY2015 when the audited financials get reported on April 15,2015.  On July 2,2013 or July 8,2013 (read why date is important here) Deloitte & Touche LLP replaced Eide Bailly LLP, the company's long standing auditor  since the company's Initial Public Offering. 

A Review of Securities & Exchange Commission's Comments regarding Titan Machinery Disclosure

Technically " on way to Head and Shoulders target below", greg harmon

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