Thursday, March 26, 2015

Equities Research Training: "Understanding the Market"

"YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW UNTIL YOU KNOW IT!" -Thomas Renna , Teacher/Trainer/Coach @

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 Knowledge is Power!

  • Unless you know how Wall Street works internally, how can you even think about risking your money on an investment when you don’t know how the market operates?
  •  Learn from 25 year Wall St. veteran, Tom Renna, and find out the different risks and costs that may exist in your portfolios.

  •  Sometimes you can’t trust your advisers because you don’t know if they are working for you or for themselves.

  •  Mutual Funds and Variable Annuities charge fees and investors can lose their entire investment. You should know the Risks!

  • Long Term Investing Made Simple

    •   How Do Mutual Funds Really Work
    • What You Need to Know about Annuities
    • How To Research Stocks and Bonds
    • What Are Risks of Investing
    • Learn how the markets work from Equities Research founder Thomas Renna, a 25 year Wall Street Professional.  Learn from a 3rd party perspective who is not selling you.
    • There are NO GUARANTEES in the Market, Understanding Risk
    •  Strategies To Buy and Sell
    •  Taking the Emotion out of Investing
    •  Know What Your Broker is Talking About so You know What questions to ASK
    •  Investors are always wondering if their broker is doing what is best for them or what is best for their broker.
    • Investors try to do it themselves at home but don't always know clearly how the markets work.

    •  Financial Educational Schools are expensive. Learn the Big Picture before you go/

    • People today want to know more about what they own and want to know how to do their own research.

    • Know where to find the right websites and learn how to use tools available on the internet.
    •  I am not a financial advisor, I am simply teaching. I am not motivated by fees to direct you into any specific investment strategies.
    One On One Tutoring
    Introduction Special Offer
    Individual Investor Education
     "Understanding the Stock Market"
    New Accounts 
      $250 for 2 hour session

    New Account $250/2hrs

    Hourly Rate $200 per hour

    $200 per hour

    (Prepaid Annual Research Services $1000 (maximum of 7 hours for yr.)

    prepay for 7 hours for 1 year

    For Brokers/Advisers/Agents: How to Build Distribution $200/hour

    (Group Rates also available)

    $200 per hour

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