Friday, April 28, 2017

SEEKING ALPHA Writer Doesn't See Anything Criminal at Titan Machinery

This week on Seeking Alpha a writer said he did not see anything criminal at Titan Machinery.

The Contributor mentioned my name and referenced some of my notes as well.

"I'm not sure if any of these activities are criminal, I'm just not as confident as the contributor that these  activities are not criminal" - Tom Renna

Thanks for the mention.
You mention that you didn't you see anything that the company has done that is criminal so you don't see the company blowing up.
I think it would take a criminal investigator to make that decision.
For instance , has any agency ever investigated the suspicious trading in the stock prior to the 8K filing when the auditor suddenly resigned?
Have you or any agency ever investigated the suspicious trading in the stock on the session prior to the company issuing a press release that the company announced they were abruptly closing stores?
Has any agency ever investigated the lack of "related party transactions" disclosure regarding the construction company that has done the work building out locations.
In the quarter that the company inflated their assets and under reported losses by 50%, has any agency ever investigated that disclosure?
Has any agency investigated the HYPE EPS estimates made by the Penny Stock Firm located in Minnesota (FELTL) saying the company would earn $0.37, only to see the company report a loss of over a ($1.00) 6 months later?
Has any agency investigated who is running Dealer Sites? You mention Dealer Sites had those lease agreements with Titan prior to going public but the percentage ownership of 30% is incorrect. It was nearly 100%. Are you aware that in 2013 they increased the lease agreement from $50 million to over $100 million?
Does anyone know how many of the stores that still remain are on properties owned by Dealer Sites? Have any of the stores that closed on property owned by Dealer Sites?
Was there anything wrong When the Chairman hyped up his stock when he was featured on CNBC Mad Money with Jim Cramer and then 30 days later he and the CEO sold 500,000 shares @ $28 (note there are only 21 million shares out).
More notes on Selling into Hype here ..
I am not sure if any of these activities are criminal, I'm just not as confident as you that they are not.
I can dig up more notes later to post here.
As far as risk reward in owning shares here at the $15 level, what are your thoughts?
The company this month said they were closing 15 USA stores by July 31st (almost 20% of USA locations) and gave guidance that sales will decline in FY2018 and they company would not be profitable again for the 4th consecutive year.
If they were to earn $0.05 a share in FY2019 , do you think the company deserves a Price Earnings Multiple of 300 based on FY2019 earnings estimates?
You mention that the company has available Credit of $500 Million, but that is not really true because the covenants of their Loan agreements won't permit them to exceed their current ratios.
Although you correctly note that the company "had" $52 million on Jan 31,2017, that number has declined after they paid out $15 million to WFC since that date.
There's so so much more for me to comment about this company but I have to go somewhere this morning.

Contributing to their cash flow was a gain in FY2017 from an insurance claim due to store burning to the ground.

This game has been going on for years. If you really want to see the early disclosure.

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