Friday, September 5, 2014

TITAN MACHINERY Down 40% since April 14th 52 Week High

The above chart demonstrates how Equities Research llc  SEEKS ALPHA!
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After Titan Machinery reported disappointing  Fiscal Year 2014 annual financials on April 10,2014, shares went on a three day tear and traded up from $16 to $20.40.
In less than 5 months since hitting the 52 week high of $20.40 on April 14,2014, shares are now down 40%, closing yesterday @ $12.44. The S&P500 index is up 9% over the same period. (1830 to 1997).

Management of Titan can blame price of corn, the weak construction & agricultural economy,  poor farming, the unrest with their footprint in the UKRAINE, but I blame The company's poor financial condition on GREED AND RELATED PARTY TRANSACTIONS

Equities Research remains bearish Titan heading into the company's  2nd  quarter earnings release scheduled to be reported pre-market next Tuesday.

  • YEAR over Year Earnings are down (-79%) . 
  • Other Q1 2015 CC Highlights:
  • Agriculture Adjusted Pre-Tax Income Declined 50% in FY2015 Q1 vs FY2014Q
  •  "Used Equipment Prices Under Pressure due to Higher Industry Levels of Used Equipment"
  •  Q1 equipment margins declines. Gross profit margin was 16.3% in the Q1 fiscal 2015, compared to 16.7% in the first quarterQ1 last yr
  • inventory level was $1.12 bil as of April 30, 2014, compared to $1.08 billion as of January 31, 2014.Floorplan interest exp $4.6 mil
  •   FY15 Q1 Operational Cash FLow : (Negative $54 mil) vs (Neg $6 mil) in FY14 Q1. operational cash flow per share NEG ($2.44) per share

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