Thursday, July 26, 2012

Performance of Stockdiagnostic Downgrades

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Closing prices as of yesterday.

Companytickerdate Downgrade$ CloseTime% Return
NeurogesX, inc.NGSX11/24/2010$5.88 $0.22 20m96%
SuperValu, IncSVU1/19/2010$13.32 $1.73 30m87%
Amtech SystemsASYS2/16/2011$24.43 $4.30 17m82%
STR Holdings, IncSTRI5/10/2011$16.35 $3.34 14m80%
Ivanhoe Mines LtdIVN4/4/2011$27.60 $8.02 15m71%
Century AluminumCENX5/16/2011$16.05 $5.63 14m65%
Echelon CorporationELON3/21/2011$8.64 $3.14 16m63%
Sony CorporationSNE8/24/2010$28.07 $11.26 23m60%
Office Depot, Inc.ODP4/29/2011$4.31 $1.79 15m58%
SkyWest, Inc.SKYW5/16/2011$15.17 $6.81 14m55%
Schnitzer Steel Ind.SCHN7/5/2011$56.99 $26.04 1yr54%
Panasonic Corp.PC8/15/2011$10.63 $6.19 11m41%
Duckwall-Alco StoreDUCK4/21/2011$12.61 $7.46 15m41%
Weatherford Int'lWFT5/16/2011$19.32 $11.67 14m39%
Tellabs, inc.TLAB5/12/2011$4.68 $2.96 14m37%
Xerox CorporationXRX5/6/2011$9.99 $6.38 14m36%
Ford Motor Co.F2/24/2012$12.18 $8.97 5m26%

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