Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Radio Host Annette Raynor Talks Today Live with Tom Renna of Equities Research

This afternoon at 1pm est. radio host Annette Raynor of The Financial U will have Tom Renna of Equities Research LLC as her guest.

Listen Live :


Tom Renna

Tom Renna began his professional career on Wall Street 25 years ago after graduating Rutgers University. In 2005 Tom founded Equities Research LLC, a small boutique investment research firm where he provides market research analysis and consulting services to both Issuers (private and public) and Wall Street professionals. Tom’s experience as an investment banker, financial advisor, institutional equity broker, bond broker, entrepreneur and director of a public company gives him the unique ability to see all sides of Wall Street. Tom provides invaluable insight to both issuers and investors, from the novice to top Wall Street executives. In 1997 Tom was an original owner of Newsgrade Corporation, a private online publishing company, a private online publishing company that annually generated millions of timely and actionable automated unique stories that were streaming on Bloomberg Terminals for institutional investors. By 2003 Tom had become Managing Director of National Sales for, a subsidiary of Newsgrade that he helped to create. Tom has made some of the top long and short calls over the last 25 years on Wall Street and his work has been mentioned on CNBC TV among other financial news sources. Visit or email Tom directly:

Episode Description

So you want to trade the stock market, you know it’s important, you want to be a part of it, but exactly where do you start? Do you listen to the industry analysts? a broker? a friend? Today The Financial U discusses trading the market. How and where to start and what pitfalls should be avoided. In spite of the “greed” we read about in the headlines, the U.S. stock market remains a free market allowing individuals to participate in the profit and growth of public companies. As we know, there deceit and fraud in every aspect of life but that should not deter us from participating, the number one source of wealth for the top 1% remains “equity investing” followed by real estate and then inherited wealth. Where else can you own a piece of Google anytime you want? Tom Renna, Industry Analyst joins The Financial U this week to help you trade the market! The Financial U – because your money matters!

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