Thursday, March 14, 2013

There Are Nice People on Wall Street

After doing some fundamental work using the Stockdiagnostics search engine I found a stock that has been diagnosed with the EPS Syndrome. The Stock's ranking has been suspended by Stockdiagnostics because the earnings of the company are consistently making record highs while never generating any positive operational cash flow. After I did my work I contacted a stock market technician , Greg Harmon, the founder of and asked him if he could share a technical chart of the stock, and the nice guy that he is, he shared the chart this morning.

I've been using the Stockdiagnostics search engine since it's inception in 2002. Stockdiagnostics, as everyone who follows me knows, is the greatest and most successful investment tool ever created. The founder of Stockdiagnostics, Michael Markowski, is a 30 year equities research expert. After years  with Merrill Lynch and Donaldson Lufken Jenrette , Michael created a tool that allows him to zero in on Wall Street's biggest winners and losers for the past decade.
Markowski has been recognized by the media through the years.:
FORBES: Markowski Goes With the Flow
Smart Money: The Best Stock Picker on Wall Street?
Wall Street Journal Online: FedEx Pensions

Stockdiagnostics, the Utility
Once you know how to use the Stockdiagnostics tool , you'll never make an investment again without using it. You will monitor every single investment you own every day to see Stockdiangostic charts and monitor a stock' operational cash flow health and daily relationships to their stock prices. .
     An investor can't afford to own  a stock with the EPS Syndrome. (note that: some great stock performers have been stocks that have emerged (see Under Armour) from EPS Syndrome, others end up practically going out of business). All investors should monitor their holdings with the Stockdiagnostics tool.  There are plenty of stocks to invest in for the long term, but if you use Stockdiagnostics you will filter out all the companies with flat to negative operational cash flow growth.
Stockdiagnostics  is a pioneer in the onlinefinancial sector (see Barrons mention). One day the public and institutions will be  allowed to subscribe (& Morning Plus too) again, it will make Global Financial News Network ( & Newsgrade the largest distributors of financial news in the world.

A Stockdiangostics upgrade from March 2011 is still growing it's earnings and operational flow:

Fonar Corporation (NASDAQ: FONR) was a top performing stock in the market yesterday (
3/12/2013) closing at a 4 year high @ $7.08.Stockdiagnostics upgraded FONR @ $2.00 on March 3,2011 after the company reported FY2011 2nd quarter financials for the period ending December 31,2010. Since the upgrade 2 years ago shares have appreciated 254%.
Since Equities Research post on Seeking Alpha 1 year ago, shares are up 67%.
<click to FONR Stockdiagnostics OPS chart
<click to FONR Stockdiagnostics OPS 5yr chart

<Seeking Alpha Post 4/16/2012 (Renna)

Applying Stockdiagnostics charts in today's market to identify a company with Negative Operational Cash Flow

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Learning Operational Cash Flow from other Nice Wall Street People:
Warren Buffett   
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Tom Renna (Under Armour EPS SYNDROME Days)  A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H, I

"in this day and age of digital speed and lightning trading, Equities Research continues to use a CALENDAR to measure investments and performance by examining Quarterly and annual fundamentals" -----Thomas Renna 3/14/2013

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