Friday, May 25, 2012

Cramer on European Markets, Thursday's Call on CNBC

Cramer on European Markets

Love him or Hate him, Cramer's Call this Week on the European Markets may be the most important Call of the Year. The Euro has not stopped weakening, and the US Markets will feel the impact.

IF you are invested in Stocks or have exposure to US Stocks through your 401K, IRA Rollover, Mutual funds & Insurance products, I recommend that you lighten your exposure and transfer your holdings to cash(money markets). You will not get much of a return sitting in cash but it will preserve your monies and reduce your risk to a possible major downturn in US Equities.
If it plays out and stocks fall, you'll be able to take the cash you are putting on the sidelines now and go back into the market when stocks prices get cheaper (more attractive).

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